Top Tips for Creating an Impressive Resume

Highlight Your Achievements NOT Just Responsibilities

By Daniel C. Simmons, CPC

How Milk Saved Lives in Michigan

I decided to share this because it is very inspirational. I found an article published in Progressive Dairy that talks about how milk saved lives in Michigan.

Top 7 Pitfalls That Apply to Nearly Everyone’s Career

By Daniel C. Simmons, CPC

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Top 5 Aspects of Job Satisfaction According to SHRM Survey

The Most Important Bit of Career Advice I Give Out

Career Advice by 
Daniel C. Simmons, CPC

The secret to forging a successful career is not really that complicated, in fact it’s quite simple, so basic that people usually miss it, unable to see the significance. Helping people set a career path that can lead to success is a very satisfying part of my job. In guiding people who seem a bit confused about where they’re headed and in helping them set clear-cut goals to achieve their career objectives, I am changing lives.

Tips to Help You Nail the Phone Interview

The truth is you’re never going to get called for a face-to-face interview if you didn’t leave a good impression on the phone interview. The phone interview is an extremely important first step in the hiring process so it shouldn’t be left to chance.  Here are our phone interview tips.

You Are Your Cover Letter

By Jim Hipskind, CPC

Cover letters have long been the avenue most people use to send their resume to a prospective employer.  Crafting an effective letter for some is easy – but for most, it is a daunting task.  There are some key elements that go into an effective letter which we will discuss.  However, before getting started, I believe putting things in perspective seems to help.  I like to draw analogies between things we do on a daily basis that could potentially help us accomplish those tasks that come up on an irregular basis.  These generally will give us a better understanding of what we are trying to do.

Dairy Nutritionist

A dairy nutritionist is someone who monitors the condition of dairy cattle and helps develop optimal feeding programs based on the goals of individual dairy producers. His or her goal is to feed dairy cattle to ensure overall health and wellness, which will allow the herd to meet or exceed production goals. Travel may be necessary as a nutritionist may work with multiple clients.  Most dairy nutritionists work a local territory and have no overnight travel.  Some independent dairy nutritionists travel across state lines working with large herds.